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Automation is the key to success in a laboratory. Our automated data management capabilities provide a wide variety of report packages and electronic deliverables, in addition to options for customizing reports to meet individual client needs.
Report packages are designed to meet specific regulatory requirements. Our routine report deliverable packages are:
   Excel format, with sample results compared to Site Specific Cleanup Criteria
   Regulatory Format
   NYS DEC ASP A & B Formats
   Department of Defense (DOD) Formats (including ADR)
   Custom formats to client specifications
   Complete analytical report on an interactive CD
CHEMTECH offers a variety of Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) formats. Our basic EDD is a tabular format in Excel that can be easily customized based on specific project requirements. We also offer Automated Data Review (ADR), a revolutionary new feature that performs an automated EPA Level III data review of an EDD.
   Standard Format (Results Only)
   EPA Contract Laboratory Protocol
   PD/CD (All project analytical data on an interactive CD)
   Customized electronic deliverables to meet your specific requirements
Web Access:

Our clients are provided with a Log-In and Password, which enables them to log onto our website at any time to obtain real-time project data.
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